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With profits of £7720.22 since the service began in 2011, betting with £10 stakes.



Testimonial for Horse Racing Tips Online
I first joined the OLBG community back in 2007. Amongst the tens of thousands of members, it doesn’t take long before you can understand who are the one trick ponies and who are the members with serious talent, whether it be through the systems they have developed or through the form guides they read. The tables and stats all speak for themselves and there are very few people who are there at the top at the end of each month consistently. Tony was.
I don’t know Tony personally, but for the last two years he has shown that he has a key to winning a healthy LSP month on month and he has spent the last two years at the top of the Pro table. Following his tips (as hundreds did) this year would have returned a good profit EVERY MONTH which is more than can be said for some “premium” betting advice sites.
With his success rate it was inevitable that he would set up on his own and I take my hat off to him and wish him all the very best for the future. I won’t say “good luck” as luck doesn’t come into it with this tipster !!
Simon Martin - Swindon

At the outset let me stress I have not been approached to give this testimonial.
I just want to let people know that Tony (Toffeemantone) can genuinely make consistent profits from his racing tips. He recommends you to view his results on OLBG but to my knowledge the site has wiped his records clean, probably because he has gone professional. I followed his tips for at least 18months and I can confirm that he made a level stake profit for at least the 18months I followed him. There were at times the long losing runs, which can occur, but never the less he recovered these losses and more besides. In the past I have subscribed to all manner of tipsters but I SAW IN BLACK AND WHITE DAY TO DAY the amazing results of his tips when he was tipping for free on OLBG.
Danny Beaty - Bury

I do not know nor have ever met Tony, however, I feel it necessary to pen a few words in recognition of how his tips have transformed my betting results.

I joined the tipping site OLBG in July 2011 having stumbled across it whilst looking for Horse racing tips to include in a system that I was experimenting (rather unsuccessfully) with. After a little research, it was obvious that there were several fairly successful ‘pro’ tipsters on the site. I started following the results of 5 of the most successful over the previous 6 and 12 months. Whilst 4 had shown a LSP for 9 or 10 months out of the previous 12, only 1 had shown a LSP for each of the 12 months. That one was ‘Toffeemantone’. I started backing their selections in late August they each provided a small profit for September, but the volume of tips became too great. After much more research, I decided to just follow the one Tipster and to back his suggestions. As a Liverpool fan it greatly pained me to have to pick an Evertonian to follow, but sometimes you have to go with your head rather than your heart.

Having only backed Tony’s tips for 2 months and having made a very reasonable return, I noticed that he was opening his own website and was going to start charging a small fee for his tips. I looked back again through his tipping history (which I have appended from the notes I made at the time) and having compared it to the other ‘pro’ tipsters on OLBG I decided that it would be foolish not to continue to follow his tips for the sake of such a small fee. His results to date have certainly more than compensated for this fee and vindicated my decision. I think the results below speak for themselves!

Tips History 1 December 2010 to 20 October 2011

OLBG   Tips  LSP  ROI  Strike

Oct-11  108  27.86  18%  18%

Sep-11  152  37.18    4%  20%

Aug-11  173 110.0  59%  25%

Jul-11    146   34.1  23%  19%

Jun-11   204   32.1    8%  17% 

May-11 288  35.6     6%   20%

Apr-11 266   44.6   13%   21%

Mar-11 249  74.7   11%   17%

Feb-11 255  54.2    13%  20%

Jan-11  286  108.5  32%  23%

Dec-10 132   45.4   30%  24%

 Simon Wedgwood - Lancashire