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With profits of £7720.22 since the service began in 2011, betting with £10 stakes.

About Me

I started betting on horse racing in the late nineties and what started off has a hobby quickly became an obsession. I was constantly reading books on form, probability and how to become a successful gambler, testing out my systems and either discarding them or modifying them until I eventually found something that made a profit.     

I thought I'd cracked it when i started to make consistent profit for a few years until eventually I had been stopped or heavily restricted by almost all of the online bookmakers.  I then modified my system so it could be used solely on the betting exchanges for both betting and trading..

In 2009 I started posting my tips on the under the name "TOFFEEMANTONE" and have proved beyond any doubt that I am one of the most consistenty profitable tipsters online.

I am still constantly reviewing my results and developing my selection process in order to continue to make both myself and my subscribers money on a monthly basis.