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With profits of £7720.22 since the service began in 2011, betting with £10 stakes.

Welcome to My Website!

Firstly I am not your average Horse racing tipster, i don't spend hours and hours studying the form of horses, trainers and jockeys, I don't get inside information from stables, instead I spend hours and hours studying betting patterns and market movement on the betting exchanges.
From this analysis i have developed a successful system of identifying horses which have a better chance of winning a race than the bookies price would suggest. Betting on these horses has made me a very healthly profit.
Here are the profits my tips have made (Betting with £10 stakes) since this service began. 
 That's a total of £7720.22 betting to just £10 stakes!
I have also been posting these tips on the independent free tipping website since June 2009, under the name "TOFFEEMANTONE" .





*Please be aware:  That due to the system relying on market activity, horse racing tips may not be sent until 30 minutes before the off time.  Tips will be sent most days but there may be occasions when no horses meet my criteria, on these occasions no tips will be sent out.